Jelly Grip Tripod Mount

Jelly Grip Tripod Mount with Jelly Long Legs

With this miniature mount and tripod you can be ready in an instant to take professional looking Smartphone photos and video.  The mount and tripod fold down to easily fit into a pocket or backpack.  At just 2.6 ounces, they won’t weigh down any adventure no matter how far you’re traveling.

The Jelly Grip Tripod Mount is the third generation tripod mount from Square Jellyfish.  To help speed up the setup process, we have moved the ball joint from the base of the mount to center of the phone.  This helps with the balance and photographer to just position the phone and let it go.  The ball joint tension is adjustable.

This system also works great for FaceTime or regular phone calls when you want to use the speaker phone.  The ball joint allows you to position the phone at the perfect angle.

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Jelly Grip Tripod Mount

Not only can the phone be rotated 360 and held at any angle.  The phone can also be tilted forward and backwards.  This can allow for some unique angles. Leave it up to your imagination!!!

Purchase the mount only if you want to use your own tripod with your smart phone.  The Jelly Grip Tripod Mount can hold any phone currently sold in the market with or without a case.

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Jelly Grip Twist Tripod Mount

Square Jellyfish has made several versions of spring clamp systems. Over the years we have a lot of requests for a clamping system that can be tightened with a knob. The new mount not only provides a firm grip where you adjust the tension on the smartphone it provides and additional mount for accessories. We are using our ball joint design that allows you to position the phone in both portrait and landscape as well as many angles you can not get with other mounts. You adjust ball joint nut with just enough resistance to hold the phone in position. There is no need to over tighten this nut to hold the phone still.

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Jelly Grip Pro Tripod Mount

This mount will hold any phone on the market and will allow you to attach up to two accessories like a microphone or LED light.  The Jelly Grip Pro comes with two special accessories adapters that will work with any accessories that has a standard 1/4 x 20 camera mount threads.  What makes the accessories special is the way they allow you to lock the accessory in place.

Attach the light to the arm with the ball joint and you can freely position the light.  Or use this for your microphone the options are endless.

Get your creative energy going!!

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Everyone gets to be in the photo:
Just set up your Jelly Grip and Smartphone timer and then get yourself in the photo too. With Jelly Grip no one needs to be left out. And unlike selfie sticks which aren’t allowed at many events, you won’t be restricted by the length of your arms. And, gladly, you’ll even be losing those awkward looking forearm shots.